Are you or your company paying too much tax?

Crystal Tax Consultancy (CTC) specialises in tax planning & wealth management for high net worth, high earning individuals & business owners who wish to ensure they are paying only the correct amount of tax.


Are you worried about inflation?

Inflation is devaluing your cash by 10-20% & you are losing £5,000-£10,000+ per year.
Crystal Tax Consultancy can save you £10,000-£20,000+ per year to help you fight inflation.


Crystal Tax Consultancy works with high-net-worth individuals, whether they be employees, sole traders or company directors & owners, who believe they are paying too much tax, for which, they do not see a return.

Crystal Tax Consultancy believes everyone should pay maximum 10% to 20% in taxes to contribute to a functioning society & to pay for education, training & defence.

Our clients must then decide how to utilise their remaining disposable income. Crystal Tax Consultancy encourages its clients not to invest in for example in pension funds.

Pension funds come at a high cost including high manager salaries, administrator fees, burdensome compliance costs, numerous expense accounts & setting up costs.

Better for our clients to keep their money where they can see it & to speculate in investments they can see & control, such as property, the stock market & investing in their own or someone else’s business.

Crystal Tax Consultancy also offers wealth management & works with specialist investment partners who outperformed the market through the recent times & made their subscribers high returns during bear markets.


"I built, and now live in, my dream house with the money Crystal saved me."


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